OWL DRESS - no sleeve
OWL DRESS - no sleeve OWL DRESS - no sleeve
  • Name: OWL DRESS - no sleeve
  • Description:

    Most owls are nocturnal, actively hunting their prey only in darkness.Owls' hunting strategy depends on surprise.Some of them are also are active during the day also.That's why OWL piece is created for those Suczes who are more than just the queen of the night.

    Strongly standing on their feet - like a deer

    ,intelligent and wisely choosing -like an owl,

    covered with spines and rarely defenseless - like a rose

    Suches wearing OWLs are hard-to-get....and inaccessible.

    But You know what they say....no pain, no gain





    Italian Lycra

    Made in Europe


  • Price: 300 PLN
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